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Florence is simply one of those exceptional destinations that is everything the wistful traveler imagines it to be... and more. The magnificent Duomo defines the skyline of this city in the heart of Tuscany, where cobblestone paths lead to lovely piazzas graced with fountains and sculptures - including Michelangelo's David - and the famous Uffizi Gallery, a former Medici palace showcasing many of the masterpieces they funded. It's only fitting that the city is just as much a work of art, from the jeweler-laden Ponte Vecchio to the romantic Viale dei Colli and the Piazzale's panoramic views - a perspective that tempts even the most urban dwellers to lose themselves in an enchanting Tuscan countryside and carafes of extraordinary wine, sipped on sidewalk cafes between bites of unbelievable cuisine.


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Hotel Helvetia e Bristol
The Plaza Lucchesi Hotel
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The Hotel Helvetia & Bristol has welcomed international elite since the second half of the 19th century, including Mikhail... more » Situated in a 17th century palatial building that previously served as a French and The five-star Hotel Savoy offers luxury and... more »  more »
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